Catkin Willow's Stray Cat Songs

What happens when
people listen to cats' songs?

If you've ever wondered what your cats have to say, or if cats really have anything at all to say, then take a tour of the cat shelters at We've found that this intelligent species has much to share with humans, and listening to them has literally changed our lives... and we learn more from them each day.

Although it might not seem like it, stray cats, bent willow chairs and ecologically-friendly garden designs really are connected. At Catkin Willow, we think of all this as The Catkin Willow Connection.

For more than 30 years now, we have been conducting an ongoing study of the wonderful and graceful house cat, felis libyca sylvestris. The study began with one stray cat, an orange and white female tabby named Murphy, but gradually grew to the current peak of 30+ strays in our cat shelter. We believe ours is the longest continual study undertaken in the world of house cats, and their therapeutic relationship to mankind.

The Catkin Willow Connection has found homes for hundreds of strays over the years, while maintaining a slowly increasing nucleus of permanent residents. We rely solely on several projects to raise the necessary fund to keep our feline family healthy and happy.

We are not a registered charity, because charities are required to be non-partisan. Catkin Willow is anything but non-partisan when it comes to animal rights and welfare. While we are very appreciative of accepting any and all donations, we cannot issue tax receipts. We foot all of the required bills out of our own pockets...

Which brings us back to bent-willow chairs, ecologically-friendly garden designs, and what's happening at Catkin Willow... Check it all out, and let us know what you think! Take a quick tour of Catkin's from the main navigation menu above today...


Help stop the killing at Hamilton Animal Control. Click H A C here to sign the petition, and for information on future upcoming Rallies.  Thank you.

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"Discover the delightful story of how a band of disabled, battered, and neglected stray cats finally found someone to love them unconditionally.

Then marvel at their heart-wrenching feline kindness, and learn how in return, they made a truly profound and positive change to their friend and protector's life that could never be undone..."